2004 Infiniti G35 – The Real Infiniti Skyline


It will require a lot of balls to irreversibly modify a vehicle. In any aspect of the aftermarket game, the repercussions can be detrimental. Intakes and exhausts might still be replaced back with OEM parts, plus your wheels and ride height can be put straight back to stock with simple hand tools when it’s time to part ways (unless for reasons unknown you’ve been using a wrench to pull your fenders). But I’m referring to the real deal major changes, the big boy moves-like entirely dissecting a $35,000 luxury sports car and replacing its soul and heart with a long lost family member’s organs. Yet having a dream under consideration, that’s precisely what madman Tim Jordan chose to do as he dropped the infamous RB26 power plant and AWD transmission into his Infiniti G35 coupe.

We percieve a lot of different types of cars, you might already know. From stanced out showstoppers and innovative Frankensteins to clean up classics and VIP bangers. Personally, I’m the sort of guy that likes to see those “all-in” modifications, the creative “outside the box” transformations-I couldn’t applaud Mr. Jordan anymore on the focus on detail placed on the grueling process. See, where most people would have been completely content with just completing a swap with this magnitude (and getting it actually run), Tim lay out on a major goal to make sure the engine was completely leveled out rather than sitting crooked or tilted for some reason as many RB swaps have a tendency toThe True Infiniti Skyline

As a way to test fit the bulky Skyline motor and prepare for the swapping process, initiating the method, the entire front end was removed. With merely a small hose bracket blocking the his, Tim and fit friends quickly removed the pointless weld and began drawing up custom engine mounts that were eventually fabricated and popped into place. In doing so, the foreign heart managed to fit the donor’s body like a glove-and without using any hammers or rubber mallets to force anything into place. To finally level out the motor, the oil pan was slightly transformed and shortened making a much wider and shallower section allowing the block to sit flat as originally proposed. Once all components were secured in place, a Precision GT4067R turbo was slapped in place in conjunction with some more custom fabricated pieces, allowing the beast to reach a full 632whp.

With success inside the heart, it was time to proceed to the footwork. Though the RWD RB25 tranny is the usual option for projects of these sorts, Tim have been forever inspired by the strength and durability of the AWD RB26 platform and knew it would be the best choice for the build. The AWD goal was quickly checked off the list and the G’d up Skyline was easily blasting through gears in the interstate without hesitation, by creating a custom rear tranny mount and three-bend shifter to hold the stock stick location.The Actual Infiniti Skyline

The secondary building point for the project dips just a little deeper compared to technical realm. For years, Tim has been involved in the automotive industry and has seen it slip out and in of varied fads (as many of us have). To stray away from the current trends, the concept was to make a car having an actual purpose, focusing on the power of his childhood days rather than a money pit that just “looks nice.” In doing so, with much attention focused on the engine and transmission, your body was kept subtle and functional having a sleek GReddy kit all-around. A classic list of TE37s was put in place for that extra bit of tenuous flare. Again, even though primary goal of the build was to strive for functionality and power, Tim felt the auto wouldn’t are already complete with out a few interior mods. Upgrading the aesthetics, some Buddy Club seats along with a NRG wheel temporarily brings the project to a close.

Through and through, Tim has poured more then a few ounces of blood, sweat and tears into this project. But could you anticipate anything less? Literally, we’re talking about heart surgery here-and on a platform that has seldom been brought and dissected returning to existence. Though he’ll be the first to admit the build is still running through a few ECU and injector component issues, it can be by no doubt out contributing to ripping from the Houston city streets, and may only carry on and progress, as Sir Jordan vows the project will never be finished.