1042hp Jotech/HKS Nissan GT-R at SEMA 2013


Spotted outside of the SEMA 2013 convention hall at the HKS booth was this 2013 Nissan GT-R Black Edition. This is not even close to a stock platform though. It will reach 60mph into two.3 seconds and complete the quarter in 10.2 seconds as a result of 1,042hp.

Sponsored by HKS, this daily driver features the Jotech Motorsports Stage 6S kit, which retails for about $95,000 according to chosen parts. This car uses the HKS GT1000 turbo running 38 psi – a much more aggressive Alpha 12 twin turbo kit is also available.

Turn around time for this package is around monthly and a half. The Stage 6S kit includes a fully-built Jotech 4.1L engine (4.3L stroker avail. for $8K more), Sheptrans Stage 4 transmission, GReddy intercooler and full titanium exhaust, 3 custom air intakes, 1400hp-ready fuel system, ID 2,000 injectors, HKS boost controller, Cobb AccessPort V3 as well as a Jotech tune.

The 20-inch HRE wheels complete what is one killer Godzilla package. Now to figure out how to come up with the cash for this turnkey package.